The Apple ID


I’m always hounding my son to stop making purchases on any of the games he plays without asking me first.  Hey, the shekels add up fast for the coins/cookies! I’ve changed my password, hoping when he gets blocked he will give up. No way.  He comes running over pleads for the purchase, and when I give in, I hide my Apple ID code from him.  Or so I thought.

So lately when I have seen a bunch of purchases for a few of his games, I’ve confronted him.  His answer is classic.  “Not me.” Or “That was last month.” Or “Don’t you remember that’s when I lost my tooth.”  He had me going….but the guilt set in and last night, I came home, and this letter was left on my nightstand.

I’ve transcribed it – his 11-year-old words and grammar!  A keeper for sure!  My comments are in CAPS & BOLD, and there’s laughter out loud at every line!

Dear Mom,

I need to tell you something.  Do you remember all those purchases you got on the phone.  It was me.  (OH JEEZ.) This is why. (UT, OH!)  I feel my possibilities are endless, and I can’t keep on buying stuff.  (GUILT!) 1 side of me is telling me, “Don’t do it, you’re gonna waste money!”  And the other side is like, “Do it!  Buy it!” (OH, THE TRAUMA!) Also, in the game, Clash of Titans, people are being mean to me at being a “rush.”  I can tell you what a rush is tomorrow. (THIS SHOULD BE GOOD WHEN HE COMES HOME FROM SCHOOL THIS AFTERNOON!) So I kept on trying to buy stuff so I can be like every else, and not made fun of.  I think that I have a thing called, “Compulsive Buying Disorder!”  (GREAT, HERE COME THE ISSUES!) Hopefully, you can help me stop buying all these things tomorrow, and other days.  (YUP, MOM’S GOTTA FIX THE DISORDER!) I was crying the night you left for the Hunt Club and the BOE meeting. (ENDS WITH PUSHING THE GUILT ON ME.  PRETTY GOOD!) 

I hope you understand.  RJ (Heart)




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