Bright Lights and The Doctor


Hallelujah, the holidays are over for 2018!  Good God, that was the longest break I can remember in a long time.  Ohhhh, and me deciding to take my family on a staycation this break was not a smart idea.  Oh, holy holiday, it was torture.  It’s was like waiting on line at the DMV or worse – sitting in the drive-thru line at Starbucks!  (See Starbucks post for the agony of this experience!)  And to make it more maddening, holiday lights are still up on many houses in my area.  Okay, okay per Google – you’re in the clear until about January 6th.  All good by me, but good God, it’s the 15th of January!  Time to pull the plug.  And lucky me to live in the neighborhood where we have the token Griswold’s Christmas house that’s lit up like it’s on fire through February every year.  I don’t get the pleasure of the lights hanging off your home for 2+ months.  Why don’t you take them down?  Are you lazy?  Why turn them on?  Is it to conceal the fact you still have the mummy from Halloween lying on your lawn under your 4th of July bunting décor?  Honestly, you really look ridiculous and everyone that drives by talks about you!

I’m mystified by many things I experienced over the holidays.  I went to a family dinner and all I can remember from that day is Dr Pepper.  Now I’m not an enemy of soda.  I drink a can here and there, but Dr Pepper?  That’s all I saw and smelled.  Dr Pepper.  I was with a bunch of people, who were happily all drinking Dr Pepper.  I just kept drinking more and more wine as I watched the consumption of Dr Pepper.  Conversation?  Nope. Only Dr Pepper.  Me watching all of them screwing the cap off. Swig, the Dr Pepper. Screwing the cap back on.  And repeat.  Over and over.  Did anyone ask me how I was doing?  Nope.  Just Dr Pepper.  Anyone set the table.  Nope. Only Dr Pepper.  We did finally sit and eat.  Yup, with Dr Pepper.  All I could think was, do they still make Dr Pepper?  Where do you buy Dr. Pepper?  Is it okay for the 2.5-year-old to drink Dr Pepper?  Should I be drinking Dr Pepper?  What’s in Dr Pepper?  Maybe it has medicinal qualities, you know more than caffeine, that I don’t know. The sugar rush hit fast, hard and the peeps crashed.  And just when you think the parties over the wine drinkers are there to keep the celebration rolling.  Oh and no Dr Pepper for me, soda is bad.  I drink Diet Tab!

And that’s my time!









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