Happy New Year – 2019

Happy New Year! Here’s my thoughts (yea, I only have 6) on the Times Square Huddle – 2018/2019!

1). You must be 25-ish to even think this is fun. 👶
2). At some point even the 25-ish year olds were quietly miserable waiting for the large light bulb to drop. ☔️
3). One “kid” actually admitted he was wearing a diaper! 🚽
4). Ryan Seacrest’s “wet look” – NO! Not a great look for our boy. 🤦‍♂️And I think even he gave up a bit of energy around 11:30 pm 💦💁‍♂️😨
5). I knew 3 bands 🎸and the words to 2 songs. I have no idea what Christina Aguilera was singing. I was focused on how high her platform shoes 👡 were and just waiting for her to slip!
6) And what the hell happened to Jenny McCarthy’s face?! 🧟‍♀️That’s more than “Liquid Gold” injections. No? 🤔🧩 she looked like she was melting as the night went on! 😳

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