Greetings from Zebulon


And just like that…time passes.  You’re married.  Again.  You have 1.5 kids, a couple of dogs, bunions on your feet, and you can’t even fit air into your closet it’s that packed.  And then that crazy idea just whizzed through your brain. You’re going to move out of NYC.  You think, yeah Connecticut.  You like nutmeg and the Constitution.  You’re going to fit right in!  

Ya think?  I AM New York & I lived in Manhattan for over 20 years and I bought a ticket and landed my spaceship here a few years back.  And although close enough to see Manhattan from parts of this suburban space station, I’d buckle up and wear a space helmet for the first few months.  Because the atmosphere in Fairfield County, Connecticut is unique.  Here are some of my experiences.  So far that is!

You know you’re in Connecticut when……….

  • Someone refers to you as a Yankee, and you’re not wearing pinstripes!
  • Before a forecasted snowstorm – everyone runs out to buy: milk/eggs/bread.  Huh, guessing breakfast is the proper Connecticut snowstorm meal!
  • You walk out your back door to notice a snapping turtle giving birth.  Drop the Raid!  This is nature and the locals think it’s adorable!
  • You steer your SUV to find every single drive-through Dunkin’ or Starbucks in a 10-mile radius, so you don’t have to walk for your umpteenth cup of Joe.
  • You do all your errands in one strip mall, so you only park your car once.
  • Your garbage service is number 1 on your “tip list” at Holiday time!
  • Landscaping is more than hosing down the sidewalk.
  • You’re constantly losing electricity for a mired of reasons during a prolonged period and think, eh, it’s OK.
  • You find yourself dropping off gifts to the fire and police department, so people in uniform DO know your name.
  • The local daily news for the day is 8-minutes long and on a continuous loop.  And then actually viewing yourself on the local daily news 8-minute continuous loop with the story of the snapping turtle giving birth in your driveway as the top news story!
  • Enjoying a day at the beach with friends and not caring if you don’t have cell service.
  • Knowing everyone and I mean everyone in the annual Memorial Day parade, that is if you’re not actually marching in it!
  • You find yourself at the never-ending weekend run of cocktail parties laughing with the Stepford People with your inner monologue laughing at the Stepford People that this will never happen to you and then realize, ut oh, holy crap, this is ME!


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