The Bazaar Event

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki.  Cardi, Cardi, Cardi.  What up ladies?  I’m still shaking my head at the thug-like behavior of these two women.  I know you were at a Harper’s Bazaar event, but you don’t have to act bazaar!  What a waste.  Everyone gets all spiffed up to go out and have a good time, then the night doesn’t even begin, and one leaves with a dress ripped up the back to show her bootie & only one shoe and one leaves with a boo-boo the size of a golf ball over her eye.  Nah, just doesn’t seem classy.  Who knows or cares what was said, but word is Nicci (who denies this) had some unpleasant bullet-firing words launching out of her mouth on parenting and that Cardi B was near her and assumed it was directed at her and she was ready to whoop some ass.  I mean she thought pretty quick with the shoe shot!  Come on ladies, “make music, not war!”

You both flipped.  Someone yelled, “shitty mother”?  Hey Cardi B, are you sure this was directed at you?  Because I bet, there were other mothers near you that didn’t flinch, care or turn into loose cannons.  Hell, I hear that line all the time, and I just hold my head up high, look the other way, and tell my son, “please stop, tomorrow’s another day.”

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