Yup, it went by in a nanosecond.  Of course, I still look & feel as I did the day of this photo.  Well, in my head anyway.

Marriage is funny at times.  My first marriage, a.k.a., my “trial marriage” was a pretty, long and at times a dark, drawn out 5-years.  I do miss the kids, whom I really wanted in the divorce, but they were my ex’s from his first marriage and well…..I’m pretty sure no judge was going to fork them over to me in any settlement!

My husband, Larry is a unique bird.  This guy is your typical white-collar finance executive who did everything pretty much by the book and climbed the ladder to a successful career.  Me?  I was a bird flying with one wing my entire life – and with no net.

Larry and I met when I was seriously pursuing a career in stand-up comedy in Manhattan.   His only genuine experience with any comedy or humor was watching 1970’s and 80’s TV sitcoms, and I am sure not the better ones. He now found himself sitting in the dark, dingy comedy clubs of NYC at 2 a.m. as one of the four remaining customers with their drunken butts in seats on any given weekday night, as I tried my best material to get a chuckle.  I’m sure he thought I was the odd one, but he was supportive.

He supported me emotionally and financially in my pursuit of a real estate career in Manhattan and continues to encourage this ongoing career in CT, a job I find eerily similar to my comedy career I might add.

He never complained when I asked for a new puppy, knowing my NYC building didn’t allow pets.  He bought me my “Sally” and then both Sally and I got the boot and had to move in with him due to the no pet policy.  Tho skeptical I might have tricked him somehow into moving in together, he was supportive.

He never complained when I insisted on one of our many home moves throughout the years.  From our apartment in Murray Hill, on to our pre-war Upper East Side Co-Op, on to our first small house in Connecticut – because one hot, steamy concrete urban oasis day I pleaded with him, ahhh, no I think I shouted at him – I NEED GRASS.   Only one night, he found himself coming back to our newly purchased CT home, to see me hysterically crying, lying on our gutted living room floor over a plate of spilled Chinese rice as I drunkenly uttered the words, “I miss the doorman”!  So, without missing a beat, he moved me back to a Condo on the Upper West Side, later, on to our loft in TriBeCa and then yup, ultimately back to Connecticut.  Yes, all this happening within a 10-year timeframe.  He was supportive.

He was supportive as I insisted we lend our bodies to be used as science experiments in trying to conceive a child, attempting many different medical procedures and potions and down various avenues, eventually peaking with the birth of our son.

Don’t get me wrong; we’ve had our disagreements.  One with me storming out of the house so angry, returning and explaining to him I went on a family room furniture shopping spree.  All he did was ask, “What’s the color scheme?”  He was supportive.

So, I guess you can say that after 15 years he helped me find a bit of calm and learn myself how to be supportive and I helped him become a bit funnier and be able to laugh at the absurd.

So, this morning, when I was asked by a friend, “What did you get for your anniversary?” I shouted, “I got him!”

Moreover, on any future weekday, I’m sure I’ll walk into a jewelry store and pick out a beautiful piece of bling.  Just for me.  And, as in the past, he will be supportive!

Happy Anniversary Larry.  I couldn’t live without you!

And that’s my time!


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