All Fired Up



I am all for one expressing themselves. Yes, you are reading my thoughts.  But I have yet to experience a day without questionable “free speech” or “stupid” behavior from people.


Seriously?  Now, this tops problematic behavior and a bunch of crimes to boot in this decision.  What owner of a living creature decides it’s okay to put the breathing animal in the overhead bin on an aircraft?  I’m even concerned placing my carry-on consisting of a change of undies and toothbrush up there for fear that it might not come back out!  Who’s the flight attendant who also thinks it’s acceptable to put the dog in the overhead bin?  That flight attendant is not going to be too reliable if there’s a malfunction on that plane now is she/he?!  Note to self:  Better take a good look at the flight attendants on next flight.  What might the thought process have been here?  I see the bag; it looks pliable, I can shove it in the overhead.  Yup got it!  Dog. What dog?  What happened to place it under the seat?  Did that rule go away?  Did someone shove another bag on top of the dog?  Did the dog even bark?  Was the dog sedated?  Did the owner not think to maybe check on the dog or was the owner too into their in-flight movie and first-class food and service in their seats?!  I see a conspiracy here of a passenger trying to save a few dollars and a flight attendant just being a moron.

  • Airline fires flight attendant – duh.
  • I proclaim dog owner never to be able to adopt, buy, win or be given another living creature. And next time you fly your seat is in cargo.  Scratch that.  You don’t even deserve cargo.



I reside in Connecticut a southern state in New England.  During November thru April, I can pretty much guarantee you that we will get snow, including a few flurries, a nor’easter or two, a blizzard and a possible bomb cyclone.  Period.  This is nothing new; it’s been happening for decades.  Global warming I’m guessing.  The residents of our New England town rely on our locally appointed town officials, school officials to make educated decisions about our well-being and the well-being of the students in our public schools.  This well-being is not only for US living in this community but for the town, our children, our teachers and school staff and don’t forget our bus drivers that lead the wheels to and from school during these hazardous weather days.  Makes sense, right?!  Safety first.  So, when the Superintendent of Schools in collaboration with others officials decides to call school for either a school delay, early dismissal or full day closing, BAM why do FB page posts light up like New Year’s Eve in Times Square without the elated cheering and confetti?  The scolding posts were primarily towards this official for making the call to close the school either the night before, the morning of or the no call at all is cause for panic amongst some of our locals.  Postings of anguish ranged from “I’m missing my mani/pedi,” to “Crap, we have no Wi-Fi, what am I to do with my children today?” (Yes, the children that are living in their home.)  And my all-time favorite, “Ugh, we’ve had so many snow days my child will now have to miss the last day of school to attend the first day of camp!”  That last one is so ridiculous it’s like saying, I’m married now, but I can’t wait to get a divorce, so I can hurry up and get married again!  Cool your jets and take the day and enjoy your children.  You can begin your “wine time” sooner, and it’s okay with the universe.  Show some gratitude to the officials who still work during inclement weather and keep all of us safe.  And I promise your esthetician will be waiting and ready to pluck that one hair that grew further out of your chin during your stormy day inside.

  • Stop complaining; there are people out there beside YOU. You’d know this if you could just stop taking selfies of yourself.

And that’s my time!


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